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Formal Introductions

June 14, 2012

I realise I’ve never taken the time to formally introduce my study species. I’m not a photographer. So all of these images are taken from Wiki, with the photographer credited. But these are my birds. I’ve tried to get images of males as they’re the ones that sing, at least in the temperate parts of the world. However, that really just applies to the chaffinch and reed bunting in terms of the plumage differences. For the others, the sexes look pretty much alike. One day I may even add some sound! From my own files! Wouldn’t that be a treat!

Anyway, here’s the roll:

From Spring 2011:

The European robin, Erithecus rubecula (Ernst Vikne, Norway).

The Eurasian wren, Troglodytes troglodytes (Martien Brand, Netherlands).

The song thrush, Turdus philomelos (Taco Meeuwsen, Netherlands).

The great tit, Parus major (Luc Viatour /

The reed bunting, Emberiza schoeniclus (Andreas Trepte, Both male and female here. The male’s the one with the smart black mask.

The chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs (Andreas Trepte,

The willow warbler, Phylloscopus trochilus (Andreas Trepte, I love this photo! .


The reed buntings and song thrushes kind of bled into 2012, but for that spring, my main foci were:

The blackbird, Turdus merula (Andreas Trepte,  .

And the chiffchaff, Phylloscopus collybita (© Hans Hillewaert / CC-BY-SA-3.0).

With a few mistle thrushes, Turdus viscivorus, (N. Reid, UK) bringing up the rear.

So that’s what they look like. You’ll have to wait for how they sound!


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  1. I would just love to hear the sound from your files…maybe some day! I take pictures of the hawk that sits in our trees and the birds at our feeders. I think I like to pretend that I have some credentials here, but in truth, I am simply one who appreciates! Your study sounds very interesting to me…I’m so glad you shared! Debra

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